Lukas Kaufmann on Appenninica trails. Who can beat Lukas?

The winner of Appenninica MTB Race Stage 1° edition, 7 stages, solo version, is Lukas Kaufmann. Lukas was born in Linz (AUT) on 4.4.94, he is 25 years old and ride for IMMOunited Mountainbike Racing Team. We have take two questions to this young and talent athlete

appenninica mtb ghelardoni andrea allenamento ciclismo lukas kaufmann

Lukas, how did you start the mountainbike? “I started racing in mountainbike when i was 8 years old. Between 13 and 14 years old, i loose more than 20 kilogram of weight and get faster and faster. So in the last years i can win many great races and, one week before Appenninica, i finished the hardest mountainbike marathon in Europe, the Salzkammergut Trophy in Austria, in 3th position. For this race with 210 kilometer and 7119 Höhenmeter i need 11 hours and 13 minutes”

Why did you choose Appenninica? “My passion is to ride (extreme) mountainbike-races in the whole world at very very beautiful landscapes. So for me Appenninica was the best mountainbike-stage-race i ride in the last 5 years..I love the mountains, i love the trails, i love the people, i love the eat and i love also the Parmigiano Raggiano.

Lukas finished Appenninica in 23h22’58’’. Longer stage 6h05’ (2° stage), shortest stage 25’ (prologue). Lukas used EthicSport supplement, in particular SuperDextrin, Maltoshot, the hypotonic Sete and Energia Rapida Professional. Lukas did the best time in all segments. The race strategy was regular as planned in advance. Toghether with Italian cycling coach Andrea Ghelardoni, Lukas and Andrea launch a challenge. Who can beat Lukas?

There is someone who can do better than Lukas?

To beat Lukas is necessary to take a KOM in all four Strava segments (direct link by click on segment name)

Segmento Sfida Lukas #1 | Fanano – Lago Scaffaiolo | 1h38’32”

Segmento Sfida Lukas #2 | Porretta – Monte Piella | 46’03”

Segmento Sfida Lukas #3 | Vivaio Castelluccio | 7’02”

Segmento Sfida Lukas #4 | Discesa Monte Piella – Porretta | 23’28”

Lukas realized these KOM during Appenninica. We can give an advantage to challengers. You can try to beat Lukas one segment a time, not all segments in one workout. Only 1 rule: welcome ebike but not on final results. Who overlap Lukas will appear in Golden book on this website and on Strava

Golden book

07/2019 – Lukas Kaufmann [1h38’32’ | 46’03” | 7’02” | 23’28”]


Some tips to improve your PR on Strava

Segments are: 3 uphill (with very different characteristics between them) + 1 downhill (reward technical skills). Whoever overtakes Lukas becomes all around biker.


Segmento Tipo Estimated time Stamina (endurance resistence)  Effort manage FTP Aerobic power Technical skills
Sfida Lukas #1

Fanano – Lago Scaffaiolo

U 2h +++ +++ ++ + +
Sfida Lukas #2

Porretta – Monte Piella

U 1h + ++ +++ ++ +
Sfida Lukas #3

Vivaio Castelluccio

U 10′ + + +++
Sfida Lukas #4

Monte Piella – Madognana

D 25′ + + +++

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